Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Torch Has Been Passed...

...from the 43rd President, George W. Bush to the 44th President of The United States, Barack Obama. This has been a relay race of 200+ years and I would have to say on whole, we have done well as a Nation to run a pretty steady race.

I must say I was kind of Awestuck with the transfer of power. I mean think about it, where else in the world could you hand over power of this nature in front of 2+ million people and hundreds of millions watching by way of TV or the Internet and have a peaceful environment.

Today, listening to President's Obama speech during the inauguration, I truly felt his words were more than just rhetoric. I felt a sense of hope, of change. He told us how it is today, what he hopes for tomorrow and most importantly, that we have to take responsibility for our future. And today, January, 20th, 2009 was a historic day for America. We elected the first African-American to lead our country.

I am no way discounting what our last President did or how he handled or didn't handle situations before him during these previous eight years. Love or hate Bush, agree or disagree, being President must be one of the more difficult occupations you could ever encounter. You live in a fish bowl. You become the world's target, you're too soft, you're too hard. You speak for 300+ Million people every time you open your mouth. I got news for you, not everyone is going to agree with the President. Um, not everyone is going to agree with you either.

I think the next six months will tell us a lot of who President Obama is as a leader, as a man. I don't expect miracles just steady progress in fixing our infrastructure: the economy. To keep a strong voice of hope and peace home and abroad. Good Luck and God Bless.

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