Saturday, January 3, 2009

The First Blog of 2009

Okay, so like I have really been slacking. However, I have a hard time blogging just to blog. I like to have something worth writing and then well, when I do, it takes a while to write it. Then sometimes I have to censor postings by not posting them at all because I could get myself in trouble. Me, in trouble? Nah. Yadda, yadda, yadda.

So, Happy New Years to one and all... how did you spend yours? I started out all gung-ho. I bought all kinds of munchies. I made Pizza with my 3 year old and really, if nothing ever works out for him, he'll always have a place making pizza! It was impressive, he did a FANTABULOUS job with the pepperoni. I even made my famous rolls with brown sugar. Yummm... and then I started to partake in the beverages and well, all of a sudden I felt awfully ill and was in bed by 7:30. The boys and my wife told me they had a great time watching the ball drop... so not all was lost.

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Kim's Thoughts said...

Sounds like you had more fun then him