Monday, January 19, 2009


What? 5240? What is that? All-time passing yards for a season from an NFL Quarterback? No. Your pick four for the lottery and you got a feeling you're gonna hit it BIG? No. Okay, I give.

5240 is a project my cousin Shawn Farley is doing. He explains it as a project in which he is going to create, write and play 52 new songs in his 40th year on the planet. I don't know why I am paraphrasing, go watch the video here: 5240. He explains it while being entertaining.

So far in January, he has released a song every Monday morning along with a video explaining a little bit of what he did, answering some feedback posted at his blog regarding the song released the week before and other bits and pieces. I must say that I look forward to every Monday morning for the next song. Not sure if the video was part of the grand scheme but they are truly entertaining, even if you don't know him. I don't know as time goes on, if said time will permit the zany but informative videos but I sure hope so.

He has written and released three songs thus far:

Help Is On The Way

Squandered All My Time

The Last Time We Talked

Just click on the link above and it will download it for ya. Or if that doesn't work, put your mouse cursor over the link and right click and choose save target as and you can download the .mp3 right to your computer and listen to it over and over. I have dedicated a folder on my hard drive and plan to make cd's of my favorite songs.

Okay, so what kind of music is it? Your asking the wrong guy. I am not good at this and you know what, it shouldn't matter. Go click on the above links and check it out for yourself. Let him know what you think. I think I will do that in my next blog.

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