Sunday, January 2, 2011

Brady vs. Manning

Well, since the Indianapolis Colts made it into the playoffs as of 7:00 Est. time, I couldn't help but think how do these two rival QB's compare?

When you hear people talk about the elite quarterbacks in the league, you hear Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as #1 and #2. Arguements hsve been made that Peyton is a better passer, I mean he has about 20,000 more passing yards then Tom. Not to mention Peyton has 397 career touchdowns compared to Brady's 261. However, their career passing rating's are nearly identical, Peyton at 94.9 and Brady at 95.2. Here are their carrer stats as listed on

Peyton Manning: 54,564 Yards, 397 Td's 198 Int's
Tom Brady: 34,744 Yards, 261 Td's 103 Int's

2010 Stats:

Peyton Manning: 4,436 Yards, 31 Td's, 17 Int's
Tom Brady: 3,900 Yrads, 36 Td's, 4 Int's

So, all things considered, maybe Peyton has the edge. Peyton has been MVP 4 times, Tom once. I mean Tom Brady is having a historic year as far as protecting the ball, throwing some 320+ passes without a pick. Peyton has played a full 13 seasons as opposed to Brady's 9. Two seasons, Brady played in one game, in 2000 as mop up duty and then in 2008 where he was lost due to a ACL tear. Even if you give Tom 4 years with 33 Td's (4 more then his average) and 4,400 yards (550+ Yards more then his average), he still comes up a little short to Peyton.

Not so fast. Tom Brady has been to the Big dance 4 times, winning 3 in 9 full seasons. Peyton has been to 2 superbowls, winning 1 in 13 full seasons.

So, what measures a quarterback, how many yards they have? How many Td's? How many Picks? Or how many Championships? Peyton held the record for the number of Td's in a season, until Tom broke it in 2007. Peyton has never lead his team to an undefeated regular season.

Don't get me wrong, Peyton is the master of the 2-minute, no huddle offense. I am scared with the game on the line, and Peyton has the ball. He burned us in 2006. Not to mention, he has some pretty funny and creative commercials. However, I give the nod to Brady with the edge in championships 3-1. And doing it in 4 less seasons. That's .333 average to a paltry .076 for Manning.

Go Patriots!!

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