Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well, just as the title invokes, my oldest has turned 16 yesterday. I am taken a-back by the whole actuality of it. Part of me says, "How did this happen?" Part of me thought this would never happen (Well, the theoretical part) but here he is. He is a sophomore in high school, playing Varsity football and doubling up in Math so he can take a college prep class his senior year, a thought of his own volition.

I think the one thing that sticks out more than all others is he seems to be genuinely happy, which at this age, is not a readily occurrence.

16 Years ago, just turning 20, I was truly awe-struck that my wife and I had created this little human being. It seems like it was yesterday. A lot of things seem like they were just yesterday. His first day of Kindergarten, his first steps, both of which I remember clearly. I was by our couch and my wife was in the kitchen. She put him down to see if he would stand before the flop... and he took three steps to me and fell into my arms. (Yes, the kitchen and Couch were that close back then) I remember Unkie giving Timmy a push on the zip line as I video taped it. And in a second, there was just the zip line (he was okay) I have his first father's day gift he ever gave to me that he did all by himself.

I just recently was scared out of my mind as he accelerated into our driveway on a short jaunt in the car, thinking I was going to have to get a new garage door. But he stopped in time. Phew!

I am extremely proud of my son, even more so to be his father. I hope the next 16 years can create as many memories as the first 16. I also hope he can be as happy then as he is now.

Happy Birthday, Tim.

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