Monday, July 20, 2009

Perplexing Phone Call

Hey, so I have not been great on the whole blog thing... and as someone I know dear to my heart said recently, "With all the things that have happened and you blog about Monday?" Yes, I have been UNBELIEVABLY BUSY with Baseball since like the last week of Februrary until well, last week. So, I have all kinds of things to write about and will be forth coming. However, something has completely consumed my mind right now: A perplexing phone call. This phone call was not even to me but was meant to be relayed to me.

Person calls one of my best friends fathers:

"Hello, I was hoping you might be able to get a message to Joshua Berube. A girl by the name of Christine still lives at Badger street. Her Mom passed last year and I just thought he should know."

Father replies, "Why don't you just call Joshua?"

Person on phone, "No, that's okay, can you just let him know?"

Father: "Okay."

Person on phone: "Thank You." And Hangs up.

Now, a couple of things make this rather perplexing. One, the mother who passed away was someone I knew rather well as she was Christine's Mom and his (the person I assumed made the phone call) grandmother and guardian so-to-speak while he was in high school. However, she passed away last August, in August of 2008.

Second, the person who I believed called was probably my friend who I have not spoken to in like 9 years. It was an unfortunate event. We were at one of my best friend's wedding (Actually, the father of the best friend who he called to relay the message) and well, we had A LOT to drink. We were all having a great time. He wanted to leave as he was planning to fly home early in the morning but I felt he had way too much to drink to be able to drive. I forced him to give me the keys.

One of those moments I think we all think about from time to time, do I stop them and take the wrath that might come with it? We all know when we have too much of something: alcohol, drugs, whatever, everyone acts differently. Some get mean? Some get funny? Some get Angry? Some get just crazy? Usually it stems from whatever has been going on in our life at the time. Sometimes it just happens.

Or do I let him go because he is my friend and he'll be okay. And tomorrow no one will remember it happened. What happens if that tomorrow doesn't come?

Well, this person meant a lot to me, so as I said before I forced him to give me the keys. It wasn't pretty. Someone saw what I was doing and tried to help me, made things worse. Anyways, I got the keys and they slept in the rain until they came to my motel unwillingly to sleep it off until it was time to go to the airport. I even woke up to wake him up so he wouldn't miss his flight.

He was still bent with me that morning. He left. I tried to talk to him a few times afterwards but he really didn't want to talk to me. So, I let it go. I hoped that eventually that he would talk to me or write me a letter to get whatever it was out. We had some great times in high school and he came to my wedding 5 years later and then to our buddies 3 years later even though he was some 700 Miles away.

I told him shortly afterward and I am telling him again, I WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME THING AGAIN. I didn't want to and would never want to not have that tomorrow because I was worried I might hurt his feelings and maybe even embarassed him because I wouldn't let him go. No, I didn't trust you behind a wheel that night but even to this day, I would trust you with my life.

If you ever read this Mike, you are always welcome at my house and I would treat you just like I did that night and forever, like my brother.

Maybe someday I will get that phone call. Maybe this was a way for him to get me to contact him, I don't know. I'll sure try.

To say the least, that phone call perplexes me.

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