Saturday, May 28, 2011

The week of the Teeth

So, I woke up earlier this week and my gums were really red. Didn't think much of it cause sometimes it happens. I just gargled with some warm salt water and went on about my day. Well, the next day I had a bump. So, more warm salt water. It proceeded to get bigger and by Day 4 I called my dentist. I had an abscess. I didn't feel the normal pain as it was on a tooth that I had already had a root canal on and a crown nine years earlier.

My dentist told me that I was about 99% likely to lose my tooth. What? Lose a tooth? Me? I brush everyday, twice a day, floss and use Listerine. How the heck did my tooth get infected? Well, apparently the tooth which I had the root canal and crown on nine years earlier had a fracture as well. My tooth actual cracked completely in half under all that wonderful work, thus allowing things in. So, off to the endodontist for confirmation. Two days later, it was extracted but not before lots of novacaine,

My biggest fear is Death. However, losing my teeth is a close second. So, I am down one 6 year molar. It took two full days for the bleeding to stop. Nothing like drooling like a mad man with guaze stuffed in my mouth. Yes, it has no asthetic value but dammit, I don't want to lose my teeth. So, I have investigated about getting an implant. My biggest concern is my other molar will absorb all the pressure and it will be next, seeing it already has a crown due to my excessive, incessant grinding at night.

Well, implants are kind of expensive. Basically it's going to cost me around $4500 to replace it, including the extraction which I already paid for. That is a lot of money for a tooth but it's my main molar. Sheesh! There's always something.

Also, this week, my oldest had his four wisdom teeth out. Originally, I was going to keep mine and put it under the pillow to see how much I would get but my middle child would seriously consider yanking all of his teeth out, so we scrapped that idea. But 5 teeth in one week in my house. Wowzers!

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